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This Week: Respectful Talk | 4 Ways to Address and Prevent Cyberbullying | Teaching in Times of Tragedy
Teach students to express their opinions and listen to each other with respect.
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Learn how to help students make the right decisions about cyberbullying and digital drama.
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Discover how to help your students navigate digital security, research, and etiquette.
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So much conversation — both personal and professional — happens digitally. While no one can deny the power of digital technology in the classroom, it can be a challenge to ensure that our online conversations are both positive and supportive. The feeling of anonymity that often goes hand-in-hand with social media can lead to tense, abrasive, or even abusive exchanges.

As a community, we have to prepare for these moments and decide in advance how we’ll respond. When I’m suddenly engaged in an unanticipated confrontation, I ask questions. I find that though I might not be able to change the mind of another, I can deepen my own understanding which allows for personal growth and, in time, for new solutions to arise.

If one of your students is dealing with a cyberbullying incident, validate his or her experiences and emotions. Talk with your students about what cyberbullying looks like, elicit examples of times when students have heard conversations that are unhealthy, and use these as teaching moments. Most importantly, take some time to teach your students the skills they’ll need to have respectful conversations — both online and face-to-face. Be a model of digital citizenship for your students and give them the time and space to practice and learn from their mistakes.

Crystal MoreyCrystal Morey
Crystal Morey
Teacher Laureate at Teaching Channel
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