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Looking for a few great lesson ideas for the last few days of school?  Leading your students in an end-of-year research project?
We think you’ll love these video lesson guides we’ve developed with Common Sense Media.  Full lesson plans are included with each one.
There are nine videos in the series; I'll get you started with three that will help teach your students Internet research skills in three steps.  
Director of Educational Programming
Sure, our students know how to Google it, but do they know how to use search for academic purposes? 
2. Evaluate It
I’m sure you feel like a broken record when it comes to reminding students that Wikipedia is not an ironclad resource, but how do you teach students to make that decision on their own?
3. Use It
As we work to support students in developing speaking and presentation skills, how do we help them understand the role of media in delivering a message with impact?
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