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I know most of you are on summer break and that means time for rejuvenation, but it also means that you can catch up on all those professional learning moments you didn't have time for during the school year.  
Whether it's reading that bookmarked blog post, connecting with colleagues, or catching up on professional reading, I hope that you'll also find some time to watch a few new videos.
All three of today’s videos are from Julie Manley’s 8th grade Language Arts class in Bellevue, Washington. Julie is working with her students on some essential Common Core skills: writing, analyzing, speaking, and listening.
As Common Core continues to move into implementation phases, these lessons are smart, easy-to-follow examples that can be adapted for many grade levels. Enjoy!
Teacher Laureate at Teaching Channel
In the first video we see how Julie prepares her students to create a persuasive speech.
Now let’s watch as the students deliver their speeches and then evaluate each other’s work.
And, here, Julie rounds out her teaching process by reflecting on the effectiveness of her lesson plan.  What a great example of metacognition!
In this new blog post, guest blogger and teacher Lily Jones gives advice on finding balance in an unbalanced profession.
Do you have questions about the Common Core? Please share them with us in our new Tchers' Voice survey. We also would love to know more about how you're using the vidoes on Teaching Channel. The first 50 educators to complete the survey win a free DonorsChoose gift card!
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