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Not only do I love the beginning of fall - leaves, smells, the crisp morning air - but for some reason it’s always seemed like one of the most productive months of the year. The mile-a-minute feeling that swarms the early part of the year gives way to sparse interruptions, learned routines, and a knowing of our students. 
The space to find routines that directly support learning appears, and we’re there with three great videos to get you thinking about simple strategies that can lead to complex learning.
All three of the videos I’ve chosen this week are easily transferrable to many grade levels and are so useful that I’m guessing you’ll be trying them by Wednesday!
I’m thinking about a “Do Now” for Tuesday and will be sure to post how it went in the discussion of the video. I’m hoping to connect with many of you in the comments sections next week.
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See how setting expectations from the very beginning of your class period helps increase classroom efficiency.
Remove distractions and promote active listening by establishing “learning positions” in your classroom.
Engage and motivate your students by starting a lesson with a “big picture” question they’ll want to talk about later at home.
I admit it, I'm a "Gleek"! Check out my new blog post to see what I think Glee gets right (and wrong) about teachers and teenagers.
"I was truly impressed by the process. I've always included components of the curriculum in my lesson plans and I myself am trained as a historian but I didn't realize how I practiced it on such a limited scale in my own lessons. Even a veteran teacher like myself (22 years) can evolve and reinvent again and again! Thanks for the insight!" - Renee McClean, on the video "Reading Like a Historian: Contextualization"

Don't forget to leave your comments in the discussion area under each Tch video!
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