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The start of another exciting school year is just weeks away and I find myself not only thinking about what and how I'm going to teach, but also about the ways to achieve that elusive and all-important classroom community.
So, I went to a couple of our teachers for inspiration. In only 7 minutes, these three videos will re-invigorate your sense of classroom community and you're sure to see how their work is transferable to whatever kind of classroom awaits you. As you're watching, I'm sure you'll remember, as I did, how important it is to make our students feel comfortable in our spaces from the very first day. Not only will this instill confidence in our learners, but it also contributes to more robust participation,  advocates for mutual respect and can even reduce chances of bullying. As you're enjoying these next seven minutes, be sure to give your classroom spaces -- the ones we can see and the ones we can feel -- some think time! So take around seven minutes to watch the three videos, and think about some community building techniques that you can incorporate in your classroom!
Enjoy and have a great week.
Teacher Laureate at Teaching Channel
Ms. Noonan uses the tracking method in order to increase her students attention towards the speaker. See how it works.
Watch Ms. Laurance foster a positive classroom community in welcoming her students at the start of the school year.
Student reporters interview the Star Student of the Day, asking questions and sharing information. Ms. Laurance then publishes the star student article - a great way to get students reading and writing!
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