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March 5, 2016
This Week: Growth Mindset
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Chana Stewart highlights what has worked for her and her students in building a powerful classroom community.
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In this growth mindset video, the focus for students is on the process more than the product.
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Watch Maricela Montoy-Wilson help her students struggle productively as part of a growth mindset practice.
Notes from the Tch Laureates

Creased forehead, a worried glance, a chewed up pencil eraser and clenched fists. This was one of my seventh grade students earlier this week as he struggled while reading a complex text. He had reached a level of frustration and was at a loss for how to proceed. Eventually, he gave up. Pencil down, head down, arms crossed.

We talked after class about what was most difficult for him and brainstormed strategies for those moments when a text gets tough. It was great that he and I had time to process and reflect on that experience but it also inspired me to do more to help my students develop persistence and a growth mindset. This week Teaching Channel will help me learn from fellow educators like Chana Stewart who shares 3 Tips to Foster a Community of Growth Mindset Learners and Maricela Montoy-Wilson who welcomes us into her classroom as she helps students persist through challenges. I’m looking forward to working with my students to co-create an environment where we all welcome a challenge, know that we can get smarter as a result, and are present in the process.

SarahTom Jenkins


Teacher Channel Laureate
Tchers’ Voice
Img Left140-character tweets have led to deep professional connections — and learning — for Jori Krulder.

Img LeftErica Snyder encourages us to practice what we preach when it comes to growth mindset.

Q&A: Answer These Questions
Q: I have been told that new teachers often feel as though they are "drowning" during the school year. Do you have any tips for new teachers to help?
Q: What are some critical thinking strategies for use in fostering growth mindset?
Q: What are some ways a coach can help a teacher become aware of a practice that probably should be replaced or refined to become more effective without coming across as being evaluative?
Mark Your Calendar
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Tch will be represented by, among others, laureates Kristin Gray and Joshua Parker, as well as Chief Academic Officer Erika Nielsen Andrew, all of whom will be leading sessions. Also presenting are Tcher’s Voice bloggers Erin Gilrein and Jennifer Wolfe.

Washington, DCMarch 11-12
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Nashville, TN March 31-April 3
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Atlanta, GAApril 2-4
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San Francisco, CAApril 13-16
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