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There’s nothing more rewarding than hearing about all the ways teachers are using our videos to enhance their instruction and to become more effective in the classroom. In a recent Tchers’ Voice survey we had a chance to hear members’ stories about the videos they are learning from and the kinds of results they are getting.

Personally, it was very satisfying to hear from the teachers in the English Department at a high school in Hailey, Idaho. They watched the Pinwheel Discussions video from my classroom in professional development and found it useful in their own teaching scenarios.

This week, I want to share a collection of videos that were highlighted by teachers as being particularly helpful. We got so many wonderful responses so it’s difficult to pick just three, but here are a few that stand out because several teachers mentioned how useful they were in developing a repertoire of instruction.
Teacher Laureate at Teaching Channel
“The students loved the student-lead lessons! They were able to grasp the info and remember it!”
“I teach an inclusion class so sometimes students just need a base from which to start. This was a great way to help students begin their writing. All students wrote at least something immediately.”
“My students love to echo SWBAT and find out the learning goal of the day. They understood immediately what they were expected to know after the lesson.”
We're here to help! This week our Let's Chat Core series answers two top questions about the Common Core State Standards. 
This weekend on Teaching Channel Presents: Social Studies Essentials for K-12. Click here to find out where you can see our Teaching Channel TV show in your area. And, we now offer all our episodes online, one week after they air. Click on an episode number and watch now!
"This lesson has so many solid pieces. The teacher is a model of perseverance... Her knowledge of the content as well as team building is strong. She takes time to build her students' thinking and enthusiasm." - Sue Teece, on the video "Don't Give Up! Plan, Persevere, Revise."

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