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You know that moment. You’re listening to someone speak, you’re watching a film, or you’re reading something and you’re so struck by it that you want to catch that quote before you lose it?

That’s why I have a file of random napkins, pages torn from magazines, and scraps of paper with my furious scribbles on them in an effort to curate those quotes that speak to me.

It’s no surprise that I find myself having these moments often when I’m watching Teaching Channel videos.

So, here are a few of those memorable quotes, and the videos they come from, that compel me to stop and think, and inspire me to share with others. I hope they resonate with you too!

Ms. Noonan on teaching Common Core Math

“Naming the fact that this feels different, I think that is so crucial because it already attunes students brains to the fact that it is okay if this feels frustrating, it’s okay if it feels confusing.”

Ms. Park on teaching tough subjects

“I absolutely think that there is not anything out there that's too hard. Anything that can be broken down into its basics can be taught. And the student will always rise to the occasion.”

Mr. King on teaching history

“You really do genuinely feel like you are making change, you are making kids love history. You're making them feel like the world is something that is tangible, that it's something they can relate to now.”
Teacher Laureate at Teaching Channel
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