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We really learned a lot from you this week. Thanks! The results of our first Tchers' Voice Survey are in. More than 380 educators anwered our survey questions and gave us important, thoughtful input.

Here's a colorful bar chart that tells us a lot. We asked you to pick five video topics that are most important to your teaching practice.

Differentiation videos are a big hit. 72% of you want to see more. 62% want more on engagement. Common Core also scored well, along with planning and assessment. 

Well, let's dig in with three differentiation videos - by popular demand.

P.S. The first 100 respondents to our survey are getting a $10 DonorsChoose gift card. Here's the list of winners.
Director of Educational Programming
Survival Guide
First Steps
Differentiation? What is that? Get an intro and ideas on how to try it tomorrow.
Using Stations
Students' Choice
See how to build in autonomy to an end-of-unit review using stations.
Guided Reading
Leveled Groups
See how to manage your class while you meet with small groups of students.
We also learned that many of you don't know about our Lesson Planner, but those of you who have tried it love it. You can use the Lesson Planner to save your favs, and curate your own collection of Tch films. So, give it a try!
Lesson Planner Video
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