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Buried in piles of papers to grade?  (We know it’s that time of year). Save yourself some ink and try audio-recording your feedback. 

We just debuted a new video that shows our Tch Teacher Laureate Sarah Brown Wessling creating podcasts for feedback and it’s creating some buzz. “Hey, how does she do that?” 

I recommend watching the video, then looking at her “how to” tips in the comments section. It’s one of those, “why didn’t I think of that” moments.

Here are a few more videos from our recent visit to Sarah’s classroom in Johnston, Iowa.
Director of Educational Programming
Sarah turns the tables and gives her students a chance to give her feedback. In this 4-minute video, see how she uses course evaluations to shape her practice.
In just two minutes, see how Sarah’s high school students analyze children’s books to practice literary skills.
Here’s a two-minute video that might wear you out!  Sarah says her before school “warm up” makes her a more effective teacher.
Here are two popular Common Core videos from our Common Core Library. Happy Viewing!

Common Core Math: Daily Tiered Assessments
Common Core ELA: Making Vocabulary Interactive
Look what I found! Here are my top picks for easy-to-use tech tools for teachers - and the best part: they're free!
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