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It’s Teacher Appreciation Week! Time to pause and think about those lives that have intersected with yours while teaching. I hold on to inspiring reminders, like a letter from Emily I received in my first year of teaching, a drawing Tyler left me, and an apology note from Elizabeth who “got it” only after she graduated. It’s how I remember, on the toughest days, why we do this work. Appreciation is that breeze of oxygen that saves the flame from flickering out when we aren’t looking. 

To add to your well of inspiration, we have three new videos that show what happens when passionate teaching and deliberate instruction collide. Hear how other teachers practice with precision in my blog post, Talent is Overrated, where I’m thrilled to introduce you to a special roundtable discussion with four former National Teachers of the Year. 

From all of us at Teaching Channel: We hope you feel appreciated and supported EVERY DAY. This week, however, we want to appreciate you with fun prizes! We’re giving away over 100 gift certificates for shoes, spa treatments, caffeinated beverages, and more in our 5 Days, 5 Ways giveaway. It’s not too late to register or make sure you’re eligible! Check back every day this week to see if you’ve won. 

Teacher Laureate at Teaching Channel

3 Videos Celebrating Teachers 

All Grades | All Subjects | Inspiration
We gathered some amazing educators to share what they think teachers are… (magicians, sages, lifelong learners). And don’t miss the opportunity to tell us what YOU think teachers are! 
All Grades | All Subjects | Practice
We had the rare opportunity to film a discussion between five former NTOY and the takeaway is this: it's not about perfection. It’s so worth it to watch this full-length feature, but if you don’t have time today, check out the 2-minute preview.
All Grades | All Subjects | Learning
Watch former Teachers of the Year reflect on how they grow as teachers and what makes our profession so unique.
We want you to win a prize for Teacher Appreciation Week - we really do. So complete your educator profile (if you haven't already), and you'll be eligible for our 5 Days, 5 Ways giveaway. Whether you want new shoes, a day at the spa, or one of a gazillion items from Amazon, we've got some great thank you gifts!
This popular Tch video celebrates great teachers and introduces us to Mr. Rutherford: “I think each teacher strives to make their teaching as meaningful as possible.” Listen to why our profession means so much to him and how you can share your passion for learning with your students.