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It’s about that time of year – when July 4th celebrations have passed and August is just days away – that I begin the all-consuming task of getting ready for a new school year. While there are files to go through, walls to decorate, and students to anticipate, there’s also classroom culture to consider.

And creating culture begins on the first day (if not earlier than that). We want everyone in our Tch community to have an inspired start, so our video playlist this week is designed to help you envision those early days of the new school year.

Setting the Tone from Day One

I Heart a Silent Start

Creating a Positive Classroom Culture

Attention Getter: Say the Secret Word

Survival Guide: Classroom Management

Teacher Laureate at Teaching Channel
In this new blog post, the Center for Teaching Quality's Ben Curran lists five simple ways to make the most of your summer weeks so that you're both rested and inspired come day one of the new school year.