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This week I have the distinct pleasure of introducing you to four special teachers from around the country: Dorina, Sean, Ryan, and Melissa are the finalists for the 2014 National Teacher of the Year. In just two weeks, President Obama will announce the recipient of this award in a White House ceremony honoring all State Teachers of the Year.

We sat down with each of the finalists to hear what drives them as teachers. As you watch them reflect on our profession, I hope you see what makes them honorees. More importantly, I hope you see yourselves reflected in their practice, their energy, their ingenuity, and their passion for seeing students succeed. Then, check out my blog post on what I think makes these teachers so special: a “beginner’s mindset.” 

And thinking about accomplished teaching makes us think about our favorite holiday: Teacher Appreciation Week. We have a bunch of fun prizes and giveaways to celebrate YOU — make sure you fill out your profile so you’re eligible to win big!
Teacher Laureate at Teaching Channel

3 Videos Showing Great Teachers

Tch Special 
These exemplary teachers — Ryan, Melissa, Sean, and Dorina — share teaching philosophies that help students succeed.
All Grades | Scaffolding 
Suney Park was awarded the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching (PAEMST). She shares her most valuable teacher wisdom.
Tch Special 
Last year, Jeff Charbonneau was recognized by the nation’s oldest and most prestigious honors program for teachers. Watch how he builds a culture of learning with his students.
Teacher Appreciation Week, May 5-9, is just around the corner! And Teaching Channel is celebrating your hard work with a 5 Days, 5 Ways Giveaway. We’re giving away hundreds of gifts throughout the week, leading up to Friday's Grand Thank You! Check out the prizes and learn how you can be eligible.
And, we’ve put together a 1-minute animated video about our giveaway — take a look and share it with your friends!
A growth mindset is believing that abilities and intelligence are not inherent or fixed, but can be developed through dedication and hard work. If we apply growth mindset to ourselves as teachers, we can get stronger together.

Growth mindset researcher Carol Dweck has partnered with Teaching Channel to connect her work to examples in practice from our Deeper Learning Series. Check out this video playlist of growth mindset in action.

Teaching Channel is thrilled to be named as a 2014 SIIA CODiE Finalist for Best Professional Learning Solution for Education.