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July 19, 2014
This Week: Planning a CCSS Lesson for ELLs
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Go inside the classrooms of Ms. Rodriguez and Ms. Ugalde as they plan a science lesson that focuses on ELA skills for two groups of students at varying levels of English fluency.
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Tch blogger Lily Jones shares three tips to help you get started and find success in your school.
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Here’s a great tip for putting students at ease when they're answering questions in front of the class.
Sarah's Notes
Like me, you’ve probably noticed that almost every educational website or email you read is talking about Common Core State Standards resources. And rightly so. These standards have and will continue to have an impact on our schools and classrooms. So with all the choices available, whom should you trust? And which resources really offer the guidance you’re looking for?

To begin with, I always want to know the purpose of the resource. Is it to sell, to inform, or to teach? Although there will certainly be times when purchasing materials or resources may be important to me, right now I’m still convinced that I need to be a student of the standards. I need resources that expose the gaps in the standards, put them into plain language, and unpack the technical terms. I also appreciate the sources that address the myths that are often perpetuated by the standards: in other words, knowing what they aren’t is just as powerful as knowing what they are. Read more.
Sarah Sarah Sig
Teacher Laureate at Teaching Channel
Tchers’ Voice
Img LeftDon’t let summer pass you by! Try something new with Teaching Channel’s summer offerings.
Img LeftTake our July Survey and you could win one of twenty $20 gift cards to Chalkfly. (Think of all the back-to-school goodies you could get.)
Img Left Weird Al's parody video on grammar took the nation by storm this week — and it got us buzzing at Tch HQ, too. We've shared some of ours here. Your turn!
Q&A: Answer These Questions
Q: What is the release method of teaching?
Q: How do you keep students engaged in flipped lessons?
Q: This is my first year teaching. Any suggestions on what I should absolutely have in my room (maps, signs, etc.)?
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