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So many times I finish watching a video from our library and find myself trying to capture all of those questions, connections and epiphanies I had while viewing. I reach for a pen, open a new sticky note on my computer, or dash off a scribble in my planning folder. Inevitably I’ll be planning a professional development session or thinking about a classroom lesson and want to reach that - now rogue - thought.

Then I remember our notes feature for videos and realize I can have a time-stamped record. This week I spent time writing notes on three excellent examples of teaching to the Common Core State Standards.
If you already know how notes works, I hope you’ll find my thinking helpful. If you don’t know about notes yet, keep reading for some quick tips.

Take a look at this screen shot of some of my notes. As I watch, I pause the video and add my thoughts.

It’s a great way to pinpoint specific parts of the video—as you can see my notes are time stamped—so I can go right to that spot in the video anytime. You can also share your notes with your colleagues, so it becomes a great way to exchange ideas. (Think specialized social bookmarking here!)

Whether you’re already finding notes useful, or just getting started, I hope these videos—all aligned with the Common Core—will usher you into another inspired week of teaching!
Teacher Laureate at Teaching Channel
Suney Park understands what it means to teach for transfer. Take a look at how she accomplishes focus, coherence, and rigor all in the span of a single class period.
This lesson comes from my own classroom, where students must mobilize their evidence-based reading and writing skills in a new genre.
Shilpa Duvoor provides clear and easily transferable techniques for teaching students how to read primary documents – a skill every teacher could help students capitalize on.
Tch Writer Lily Jones shares how she developed the skills to differentiate in her classroom. Comment on her blog post and let her know how you make differentiation doable!
See an entire hour on the Common Core State Standards this weekend on Teaching Channel Presents. Click here to find out where you can see our Teaching Channel TV show in your area. And, we now offer all our episodes online, one week after they air. Click on an episode number and watch now!
"As a former ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages) teacher who has returned to the regular ed. 3rd grade classroom, this is one of the first strategies that I would suggest for ALL teachers to use with students in ALL content areas. Frames give students structural support for thinking, as well as for writing." - Cynthia Bohannon-Brown

Don't forget to leave your comments in the discussion area under each Tch video!
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