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For all of our talk on quantifying learning, sometimes you just need to see a class in action to remember what authentic learning is all about. As you get ready to enjoy spring break, give yourself a little time to enjoy these videos from our new Deeper Learning series, where you’ll be able to put faces and stories to words like “scholar,” “transformation” and “academic courage.” No matter what kind of teaching environment you find yourself in, I think these learning profiles will revive your sense of purpose.

And to help sharpen your focus before viewing, be sure to read Ron Berger’s beautiful blog post on academic courage. Enjoy!
Teacher Laureate at Teaching Channel

3 Videos Showing Students with Academic Courage

Grades 6-12 | All Subjects | Self-Directed
In this video, meet Marlina, a student from Springfield Renaissance School in Springfield, MA. Her story reveals that academic courage is often preceded by personal bravery. (You may want a tissue for this one.)
Grades 9-12 | All Subjects | Assessment
Now let’s travel to the Denver Center for International Studies where student Edwina shows us how she used four years of high school to learn to see things beyond the surface. Her story is a testament to the time and tenacity it takes to realize your own version of academic courage.
Grades 9-12 | All Subjects | PBL
Now that you’ve heard some personal learning stories, watch how an entire school designs lessons with authentic purpose and audience to accelerate student learning.
It’s a skill we all want our students to have, but every teacher has experienced the pains that come with implementing collaboration on projects. New Tech Network’s director of district development Paul Curtis shares one of the best strategies for successful collaboration: establishing team contracts that reflect the best thinking of a team. 
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