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This week: ELA and Literacy across Subjects

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Is your school doing inspiring work around literacy? Read on for teachers and schools doing inspirational work around the country.
Read on for last week's top videos and ideas from a TCHer.

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Managing Transitions
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Last Week's Top 5:

1. Attention Getting Signals: One Spot
2. Ms. Noonan: Managing Transitions 
3. My Favorite No: Build Success Out of Failure
4. Ask 3 Then Me: Community of Responsibility
5. Listening Games: Tootie Ta

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Shout Out

Harvey Zuckerman
Gayle Potter
Gayle, a 6th and 7th grade teacher from Gibsonton, FL, wrote to us with a great idea she calls, "Vocabulary Imprinting:"

"I teach my middle school students content area vocabulary by having them take turns reading every other word with a partner. We do this for one minute every day. It eliminates the problems of decoding and fluency and signals that this is an important word in our study. Pre and post-test results show amazing growth in vocabulary."
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