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November 1, 2014
This Week: Assessing Student Learning
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See how you can assess student progress, provide feedback, celebrate student successes and assess, refine, and celebrate your own work.
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Sometimes we’re just too close to our lessons. In this video, Mr. Olio works with a trusted colleague to review student work and inform his instruction.
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Watch how New Tech Network teachers use their collective observations to analyze student work and improve how they respond to students.
Sarah's Notes

It's tough to learn the nuances of language — variations in meaning can be subtle and hard to visualize. I found inspiration for teaching these distinctions in the local hardware store's paint chip cards. Using paint chips, we can actually see gradients of meaning — they quite literally add color to how we turn words into concepts by learning their forms and their synonyms. Students like them so much, that we use them to practice nuances of thinking or analysis in ways that go beyond learning vocabulary. After you watch, be sure to check out the discussion thread to learn about other ways teachers in our community are using paint chips to add color to their classrooms.

Sarah Sarah Sig
Teacher Laureate at Teaching Channel
Tchers’ Voice
Img LeftThis week, we unveiled a new mission statement and Theory of Professional Learning. Tch’s Erika Nielson Andrew shares some inspiring words about how our 600,000+ teachers are making Tch their intellectual community — and saying yes to getting better together.

Img LeftResearcher and author Jeff Zwiers shares three great tips for preparing students for the speaking and communication demands of college and life.

Q&A: Answer These Questions
Q: During group activities, should I put all of my ELL students together?
Q: What are some good ways to keep discussions focused on one topic at a time?
Q: How can I introduce the concept of functions to 4th graders? What kinds of manipulatives can I use?
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