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This week: Classroom Management, Lesson Planning

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Like we promised, we're keeping things super practical for the next few weeks. We know exactly how much work you put in at the beginning of the year. Here are a few tips to make the most out of it:
  • Build Relationships: Nothing pays off more than getting to know your students and their parents at the beginning of the year. Make it a goal to call 5 parents a night to introduce yourself until you've called every parent. (Trust me, I know how long this takes. I used to teach 104 students. But it's worth it.)
  • Plan Early, Plan for the Long Haul: Grab a buddy, and hit the coffee shop. Plan your year out as far as you can. You will thank yourself later.
  • Ground Rules & Consistency: Did I mention this last week? Yeah, that's how important it is. Lay the framework for the freedom you want to give students the rest of the year.
Read on for resources to help you with planning and classroom management. Share your beginning of year tips on our Facebook page or drop us a line.

New Videos

The First Day
Classroom Management:
Managing transitions

5 ways to use body language

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 of our videos related to management

Lesson Planning:
Creating a daily schedule

Planning an inquiry-based lesson

Using hook stations to spur inquiry and start a new unit

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of our videos related to planning

Coming Soon:
In just a few weeks, we'll debut a series of 5 videos introducing  need-to-know info on Common Core.

New Feature

Common Core
Common Core
You may have noticed we've started aligning our videos with the Common Core State Standards.  

We know that when you're planning, you don't want to open up a whole other document or page just to see the standards. Now when you click on a video aligned with the common core:
  • Put your mouse over the Common Core abbreviation
  • See what the abbreviation stands for
  • See the full text of that standard

Shout Out

Bobbie Rodriguez
Bobbie Ann Rodriguez
Thanks for being an active part of our Facebook page! We loved the ideas you shared around attention getting signals.  Good luck prepping for back to school!

Bobbie is a kindergarten teacher in Cleveland, TX.

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