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When it comes to classroom management, there are a few times in the school year that stick out like that proverbial sore thumb. For me, December always features at least one of those challenging weeks. Whether it’s because students are excited about the holidays, or the anxiety from a semester’s end approaching, it can be a time when re-focusing on positive behavior management can go a long way in easing the crazy energy that can infect a classroom this time of year. For those moments when you need some new inspiration, scroll down for three quick videos that are sure to help you turn those toughest moments into instructional successes. 
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3 Videos on Behavior Management

All Grades | All Subjects | Behavior
Watch Ms. Noonan measure progress toward behavior goals using a number line.
Grades K-2 | All Subjects | Behavior
Whether you teach young learners, like Ms. Abdul Wajid, or older students, get new ideas for helping our students monitor and respect their independent work time.
All Grades | All Subjects | Directions
Whether I’m teaching a class of 28 sophomores or a room of 400 educators, this technique never fails to move us from the lovely chaos of small group work back to whole group instruction or direction.
Take a look inside a masterful preschool teacher’s classroom where students are taking the first steps towards developing empathy. Teacher Jennifer Hawkins gets her 3-year-olds recognizing and defining their own feelings, and teaching coach Lily Jones illuminates three strategies that teachers (any grade) can use on Monday.