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We all love to hear  “thank you” or  “job well done” from our colleagues, peers, or former students, right?
Well, here’s a shout out that really caught my eye last week.  After watching Sarah Brown Wessling’s video, Grant Writing as an English Lit Assignment, former student Blane Chesnut wrote:

  I consider this project the most beneficial project I worked on in high school because it helped prepare me for college better than any other project… Thank you for the skills you taught me.”
The comments section right below each Tch video is such a great way to see what’s resonating with teachers (and former students)!

This week, I hand picked all of our featured videos because of the buzz they are getting. 
Director of Educational Programming
Christi Crapo loves the approach in our video 3 R's: Revolution, Reaction and Reform: “This is the basis of understanding complex text, in an exciting way!”
Rebecca Zullo adds, “It is nice to see students enjoying math and grappling with math concepts with their peers. Loved it!”
Fran Dickinson says using baseball statistics to teach math is a hit: “The investigative nature of the task really brings the common core standards of mathematical practice to life. Bravo!”

We’ve got a big thank you coming your way for Teacher Appreciation Week May 7-11.  See the prizes!

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