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It’s the little things that make the biggest difference when it comes to student engagement. That’s what we’ve learned from our three most popular videos of 2013: when we build a conducive environment, our most motivated learners emerge. In addition, these videos remind us that in environments of standards and evaluation, we want learning to be as fun as ever. Whether it’s a spectrum of color and vocabulary, explicitly teaching students how to participate in discussions, or games that make math interesting, we’re always searching for ways to connect to our students.
And after you watch these great videos, be sure to check out my blog for winter break. I'm sharing some professional learning ideas and I've tried to personalize the list to account for your time. Whether you have 1 hour, 5 hours, or 10 hours, these “just in time” ideas are great for long car rides, busy airports, or quiet spaces. 

And lastly, mark your calendars! We’re very excited about a special holiday event: the folks who made TEACH, an inspiring documentary on teaching in America, are giving Tch members a free screening from Dec. 27 - 29. We're so glad we can share it with you. Grab some popcorn, head over to Teaching Channel's homepage, and settle in for a heart-warming night at the movies. (Bonus: Get a free TEACH DVD Screening Kit for your school!)

Teacher Laureate at Teaching Channel

Most Popular Tch Videos in 2013

Grades 9-12 | ELA | Synonymous | CCSS
Join me as I share one colorful approach to making vocabulary meaningful.
All Grades | All Subjects | Discourse
Get some quick tips for helping students to not only participate in class, but do it with confidence and precision.
Grade 2 | Math | Place Value | CCSS (Downloads)
Get inspired by Ms. Bologna, who shares some great games that will add fun and excitement to your math lessons.
How do you get “unstuck” when you find yourself in a situation where it feels like you’re engaged in a daily tug of war with your students? How do you improve the classroom environment? Teaching coach and blogger Karie Camm has some great tips for “positive framing.” 
Watch how teacher Sarah Brown Wessling uses a familiar medium – comic books! – to get her students to tackle the complex task of analyzing the structure of informational texts. Then download all her templates so you can try this technique in your class.