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March 21, 2015
This Week: Building Classroom Culture & 1,000 Videos!
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When it comes to student learning, Sarah Brown Wessling is “all in.” In these three videos, see how she has created a classroom culture that fuels and empowers learning.
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It’s not too late! Strengthen or re-energize your classroom culture with these three principles.
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This week, we have something extra to celebrate – we surpassed 1000 videos in our video library! Cheers to the amazing teachers who’ve opened their classroom doors to educators across the nation.
Sarah's Notes

For too many years, I used to think my classes would just “have good chemistry” or they wouldn’t. It’s true that sometimes there was a group of students who just clicked. But more often than not, students don’t really know each other when we begin together. And even though we offer our students many courses to choose from, they are always filling a requirement when they come to one of my English classes. Some bring their natural enthusiasm, others their implicit skepticism, and at least a few always have to be won over.

Finally, I decided to get honest with myself, to take a step back and look at why some classes just “had it.” That honest look taught me some careful lessons about class chemistry. First of all, it wasn’t really about chemistry at all; rather it was about culture. And when I realized that difference, I realized why some classes had it and others didn’t: I was counting on it just to happen, rather than setting out to create it. Over time I learned that culture is something learned, that we have to work at it, that I have to speak it in order to live it. This week we’re highlighting a series of videos that take a look at those lessons I learned. I hope this playlist reminds you that it's never too late to build the classroom culture you want!


Sarah Sarah Sig
Teacher Laureate at Teaching Channel
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Q&A: Answer These Questions
Q: What are some of your "tried and true" approaches for creating a learning environment that is safe, engaging and rigorous?
Q: What kinds of behavior plans or modifications have you implemented for students?
Q: How do you make sure ALL teachers are integrated into whole-staff professional development sessions?
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March 21-23
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With the release of Sarah Brown Wessling’s new video series, we want to talk about classroom culture. What’s working this year? How do you change the things that aren’t working?
Thursday, March 26th
4 p.m. PST
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This webinar will focus on the role of video in making the shift to standards-aligned ELA instruction. Sign up!
Tuesday, March 31st
12 p.m. PST
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