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This week: Teacher Evaluation, Coaching, New Teachers, iPad

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There's a lot of talk these days about bringing gaming into the classroom. If students approached every learning opportunity like they did a video game, would they be less afraid to fail and more excited at each new chance to test their skills? What if teacher evaluation felt the same way?

When evaluation is formative - a routine and collaborative part of ongoing learning - can it become an essential part of our development as educators? This week we examine teacher evaluation and coaching from a teacher's perspective as two educators welcome an evaluator into their classroom. What would it take for us all to welcome evaluation? How could we approach evals as students approach video games? What would it take for teachers and leaders to believe that even if we don't "pass the level," we're still on our way to winning the game?

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New Videos

Evaluation and Coaching
Teacher Evaluation and Coaching
See a new 7th grade science teacher's instruction improve with evaluation, coaching, and reflection.

See two 3rd grade science lessons - one before evaluation and one after.

Understanding Fractions
Watch a great lesson idea that develops students' understanding of the part to whole relationship.

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