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November 15, 2014
This Week: Observation Challenge
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We continue our Observation series by taking a closer look at the instructional moves that help teachers release the responsibility of learning to students. Join us!
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Teachers at this school improve their practice by collaboratively observing their colleagues. See how they rotate around the school in groups of three, focusing their observations, and then discussing what they learn.
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Don’t miss the insightful questions and answers from Coaching Q&A Week. And a special shout out to guest experts Elena Aguilar and Jim Knight for their valuable advice!
Sarah's Notes

Time for a confession. As adamant as I can be about video — how crucial it is for professional learning and how essential it's become to my own continued growth as a teacher — using video can also feel lonely. I mean, I'm used to loud classrooms teeming with teenage energy and constant feedback. While earbuds and a laptop can feel like a respite, it can also be fun to do this kind of work together. We’re excited to invite you to our newest Observation Challenge, using the interactive video platform Zaption. Let’s take a tour of one of my favorite Tch videos together and talk about what we see.

Sarah Sarah Sig
Teacher Laureate at Teaching Channel
Tchers’ Voice
Img LeftWe’re preparing content for an “Assessment Month” and would love your feedback on the resources that you need. Take this survey.

Img LeftTeacher Ryan McCarty shares advice for using this strategy effectively while creating a classroom culture that is less teacher-dependent.

Img LeftIt’s hard to build meaningful relationships during a 20-minute conference. Blogger Lily Jones shares tips for using this time to set the stage for home-school collaboration and building a parent-teacher relationship throughout the year.
Q&A: Great Coaching Questions
Q: When coaching a teacher who needs help in almost every aspect of their teaching, how do you focus on just one or two things?
Q: How do you encourage a growth mindset with the staff and teachers you coach?
Q: When coaching, how do you work with teachers who claim they have already tried your suggestions or who are resistant to changing up their teaching?
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