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June 18, 2016
This Week: Staying Sharp This Summer, Tch Style
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Find your own learning pathway through our interactive videos this summer and you can earn a participation certificate and a chance at a giveaway.
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Tch Laureate Kristin Gray pinned her must-read summer books to our Tch Math Resources Pinterest Board. Take a look, and contribute your own ideas!
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In this popular strategy video, students track their response to what they’re reading, leading to more thoughtful engagement.
Notes from the Tch Laureates

This weekend marks my official start to summer. On my last day, as I left the parking lot, I found myself engaged in quiet, personal reflection. This reflection was based on my own analysis of my teaching, in addition to the immense amount of feedback I received via Teaching Channel this past year. Along with other Tch Laureates and fellow educators, I’ve had the opportunity to open my classroom to you, our learning community, via the interactive videos at Tch Video Lounge. This week, Gretchen Viestra invites you to choose your own summer learning adventure by joining the hundreds of others who are engaging at Tch Video Lounge. And when you’re done watching and responding, you’ll be eligible to receive a certificate of participation and possibly win some Tch pajamas!

In the meantime, I’d like to offer a huge thanks to you, the Tch community of educators. Thank you for your feedback, the growth we’ve made together this year, and for being an important part of my professional learning community.

Happy Summer!

Crystal MoreyCrystalMorey

Teacher Channel Laureate
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Find your own path through our interactive videos to earn a participation certificate and a chance at a giveaway.

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Img LeftHow do we as educators respond to the tragedy in Orlando? Catherine Guimaraes searches for words to describe our collective anguish.

Img LeftTch Laureate Josh Kwon leads a Twitter conversation about the apps, websites, and games that you find most useful — or want to test out — in the classroom.

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