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It seems necessary that effective classrooms will have lots of moving parts. But amidst that lively activity are often some fundamental routines that keep learners anchored to the culture of the classroom. If you’re like me and want to consider the routines that will maximize learning, watch the three math videos (below) from our series with the American Federation of Teachers to see how simple yet consistent routines can bring order, efficiency, and enthusiasm to challenging lessons. Whether it’s classroom setup, problem-solving tools or positive culture, these teachers have cracked the code on helping teachers and students collaborate for complex thinking. 
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3 Videos with Ideas for Math Routines

All Grades | All Subjects | Organization
Ms. Spies makes the most of every minute by not only having her students arranged to quickly talk to each other, but each grouping of desks has supplies right there ready to go! A definite routine to reduce classroom chaos.
All Grades | All Subjects | Notes
Very little about a classroom can be scripted, but Ms. McPhillips uses a clipboard for note-taking as she monitors group work to help generate meaningful progressions later.
All Grades | All Subjects | Groups
Ms. Pittard taps into the power of quiet by valuing a routine that helps learners center their thinking before they start working peer-to-peer.
Watch teacher Paige Price guide her students through struggle and silence as they take on a discussion on the meaning and importance of poetic language. 
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