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Now that you are really digging into the Common Core, we’re sure to hear about one strategy that is getting a great deal of attention: close reading. If you’re not sure what close reading is, it means that instead of glossing over a text to determine what happened, students are now being asked to wrestle with the nuances of it’s language. This week we’re offering some ideas that can help students pay closer attention to what they’re reading. 
While we’re paying close attention to the words on the page, it’s also a month to be aware of the ways words and actions can have a negative effect on our learners. October is Bullying Prevention month and this blog will point you to resources you can use to help kids look closely at the impact and prevention of this crucial issue.
Teacher Laureate at Teaching Channel

3 Videos with Close Reading Strategies

Grade 5 | Social Studies | Reading | CCSS
I just love how Ms. Brouhard uses this lesson to help students not only determine important concepts in a text, but also how she empowers her learners.
All Grades | ELA | Evidence 
One way to start good habits of close reading: be sure students have a clear purpose for their reading, something that anchors how they interact with a text. In this video, Ms. Norris shows us how a highlighter — matched with clear purpose — helps students close read.
Grades 9-12 | ELA | Engagement | CCSS
Mr. Wallace invites us into his classroom where we see how three different exercises help students read closely to construct summaries.

Tch’s Lily Jones on the importance of informal writing exercises that help students organize their thoughts: “They don’t need to worry about how incomprehensible their writing may come across – they can relax knowing that no one will evaluate this writing. Using this strategy teaches students that writing does not have to be publishable to be valuable.” Learn more.
From a spider web countdown wall decoration, to fun printable masks, to the spookiest Halloween books to read – we can’t get enough of all the amazing ideas bubbling up on our Pinterest board.