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This week: CCSS Resources, Quick Halloween Lesson Ideas


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Happy Halloween Member!
From sugar-highs to sugar-lows and costume mania, we know this is an interesting week for you. Below are some quick lesson ideas so that you can enjoy your Halloween weekend.

An ELA Lesson For All Grades: Split your class in two or partner with the class next door. Students create a written description of a monster or Halloween costume. Trade papers, create a drawing from the description, and see how close you get!
Watch it in action.

A Math Lesson For All Grades: Students design patterns with candy or healthy snack food, and then pose questions to classmates such as, "what fraction of this shape is red?" Vary difficulty by snack food or questions (e.g. fraction, percent, distribution, probability, etc.). Get more ideas here.

Classroom Management For All Grades: Students stuck not getting enough sleep or stuck on a sugar low?  Take 1 minute to revive the room when energy gets low. Two ideas here and here.

Best of Tch

Classroom Humor
Class Culture & Teaching Practices

Great tricks and treats below!

Don't Smile 'Til December?: Humor in the Classroom
2. Ms. Noonan: Your Unique Class Culture  
Finding Their Voice: Multi-Language Classroom
4. Common Core Lesson Idea: Freedom Within Form
5. New Teacher Survival Guide: Classroom Management

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Shout Out

Common Core Corner
Instead of a user shout-out this week, we're highlighting some great Common Core resources from around the web:

ELA and Literacy
Click for a free set of aligned units for grades K to 12

Click for rich math tasks and more on the math practice standards.

And don't forget that you can always find great Common Core-focused videos on Teaching Channel!
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