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How many times have you felt confused or frustrated while trying to make sense of Common Core? How many times have you turned to the person next to you and said, “I just wish I could go to the source to ask my question?” I’ve been there, too. There’s just something different about cutting through the layers of communication and interpretation, and as my grandpa would say, “hearing it straight from the horse’s mouth.” 
Well, this is your month! Throughout September, Teaching Channel is bringing together top experts on the CCSS to answer your questions. Among those answering questions will be CCSS experts from Student Achievement Partners (SAP), a nonprofit founded by authors of the standards, and experts from PARCC and Smarter Balanced, two groups who are creating the CCSS aligned assessments.

To fire up those questions and to rejuvenate your thinking and teaching, below are three videos sure to do both.

Teacher Laureate at Teaching Channel

3 Videos with Lesson Ideas for Common Core

Grades 9-12 | Math | Common Core (Downloads)
Let’s start with this trigonometry teaching team who will help us see an intersection of science and math as students explain their reasoning.
Grades 6-8 | Literature | Common Core (Downloads)
Then, Ms. Francisco shows us how to bring academic vocabulary into a student-centered discussion where the kids are the ones devising the questions.
Grades 3-5 | Math | Common Core
Finally, join Mr. Crandall as he elicits powerful thinking out of some of our youngest learners.

Did you know that you can save and collect lesson ideas from anywhere on the Web to your Tch Workspace? You can even set timed reminders to use the ideas. Watch this short animation to see how it works!