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Hi Member,
Have you ever caught yourself thinking, “Could they just sit still… for just two minutes?” I don’t think any of us are immune to at least a few of these moments in our careers. I’ve learned that this fidgeting is my cue to get us moving, because you can’t fight the wiggles – but you can use them! This week, we’ve got three videos that use dance or movement to engage bodies and minds. No matter which grade or discipline you teach, getting students out of their seats and moving through a math, language arts, or science lesson can be just what those squirming students need.
Sometimes, it’s not our students who need a change of pace. We too can benefit by taking a breather from our busy teaching-leading-learning routines. Recently, just as I was feeling overwhelmed by the semester, I had the chance to do some thoughtful reflection to regain my balance. I hope this blog reminds you to take a moment, too. 
Lastly, it’s almost Thanksgiving and we want to send our thanks to all our Tch members, and especially to the hundreds who have made a donation to Teaching Channel. The money will help us produce more videos in 2014 and if you haven't already gotten involved, we hope you will soon. As a thank-you gift, we are giving away our new interactive eBook on the Common Core  to those who donate $50 or more.

We hope you have a wonderful break!
Teacher Laureate at Teaching Channel
3 Videos on Using Dance to Shake Up Learning

Grades 6-8 | Science | History 
Mr. Thrasher immediately captures students’ attention by asking them, “What would a hip-hop molecule look like?” 
Grades 9-12 | ELA | Engagement
To help students dig into the literary devices of an Edgar Allan Poe poem, these teachers have students use movement and dance to represent key ideas and details.
Grades 3-5 | Arts | Math
Ms. Caspersz dances right into a math lesson by having students create symmetrical poses with their bodies.

When we allow students a chance to wonder freely, we help them become passionate and driven learners. Blogger Lily Jones share three ways to cultivate this way of thinking across all grade levels.
Have you seen all the great turkey, pilgrim, and autumn ideas for lessons and classroom art projects? Don’t miss this feast of creativity!
Are you attending the Learning Forward Annual Conference in Dallas, Texas (December 7-11, 2013)? We would love to meet you in person – come enter our raffle, join us for a book-signing with best-selling author and teaching coach Jim Knight, and more. Find our booth and get a schedule of our sessions.