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We all know not to do it. We all try to find ways to avoid it. But we’ve all probably fallen victim to it, too: teaching to the middle. It’s hard not to teach to the middle. Differentiating instruction helps us see our classes as far more nuanced than three big cross-sections of learners. This week, we’re taking you to some classrooms where teachers are paying close attention to individual students and their learning needs. I know getting to places of authentic differentiation takes incredible perseverance and I hope these videos add some wind to your sails.
Teacher Laureate at Teaching Channel

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3 Videos on Differentiating Instruction

Grade 5 | ELA | CCSS | Differentiation 
Guided reading is a hugely successful way to differentiate reading instruction. Ms. Ogier has designed a wonderful guided reading program that supports all of her students.
Grade K-2 | Math | Technology | CCSS 
Whether it’s actually using computer games, like these students, or transferring this concept to another practice in your classroom, capitalizing on the structure of gaming can help us find ways to meet our learners where they are.
Grade 6-12 | Math | Assessment | CCSS 
What I really appreciate about this video is the way we see formative assessment leading to differentiation. Pay close attention to the last part of this video where Ms. Barchi shows us how she re-grouped (differentiated) students based on their daily assessment.
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