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This week: Train to Become a CCSS Ninja!


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Common Core? Core Standards? Common Standards? CCSS? By now you've probably heard of (if not started teaching) the new Common Core State Standards. We've created three short films for each grade range that provide a basic introduction to the standards.
Whether you're introducing the new standards at a staff meeting or trying to help parents understand this big change, we hope you find these videos useful!

Best of Tch

Sprinkles: Pass the Clap
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Popular Tch videos on the rise:

Sprinkles: Pass the Clap
2. Attention Getting Signals: Practice  
Literacy in Science: Word Clouds
4. Classroom Management: Participation with Playing Cards
5. Common Core: College Talk

Tch Test Lab

Tch Lesson Planner
1st Phase of Lesson Planner live on Tch website!

Dying to watch a specific Tch video, but finding yourself low on time? No problem! Now with the Tch Lesson Planner you can save, schedule, and obtain timely reminders for the Tch videos that you would like to save and watch later. Go to the Lesson Planner tab in your workspace for a brief introduction.

Along with helpful videos and great resources, Tch is adding more features at your service! Coming soon: virtual vacations... ha!

Shout Out

Kunal Chawla
Kunal Chawla - International TCHer

Kunal is a 6th grade science teacher at a school in New Delhi, India. After watching some Tch videos, Kunal decided to share some videos of his students designing a robotic arm: 
Sujan, age 11
Ayush, age 11
Shaswat and Mukund, both age 11

We loved Kunal's profile quote: "This is my first year teaching. I absolutely love this job! The only thing I love more than teaching is thinking about how to teach." Bravo!
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