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Before we launch into this week’s exciting lessons, a quick note of thanks to those of you who caught last week’s typo (it’s vs. its). My students even appreciated the quick review of irony when I told them the topic for last week was "close reading." Onward… 
Being careful with language. Understanding its importance. Knowing how to help students learn when language barriers exist. I hear teachers say how much they want to support their English Language Learners, and this week we’re excited about a new video series on Teaching Channel that does just that. Developed by Stanford University’s Understanding Language initiative, these videos come from a unit that shows exemplar ELL lessons. These lessons ensure that all students have the same opportunities to meet the needs of the Common Core. 
While you watch how two teachers implement a lesson on persuasion using texts of increasing complexity, pay close attention to the ways the teachers focus on integrating content and language to enhance student competency and confidence.  
You’ll find a full playlist of all the videos in the series here. (And don’t miss all the great resources, student handouts, and the lessons from the full unit.)

Teacher Laureate at Teaching Channel

P.S. We launched the Common Core Challenge this week! Teachers around the country are working together to better understand the components of a great Common Core lesson – and using videos and guides to update their own work. Learn something new and be entered into a sweepstakes with great prizes!

3 ELA Videos for English Language Learners 

Grades 6-8 | ELA | ELL | CCSS
For a fantastic overview of this unit and the ways texts are being integrated for English Language Learners, this video will be your map!
Grades 6-8 | ELA | ELL | CCSS
Join Ms. Langlois for not only an insightful lesson about analyzing texts, but watch for how she works to build background knowledge for her ELLs.
Grades 6-8 | ELA | ELL | CCSS
Stick with Ms. Langlois as she reveals how she gets her hetergenously-organized classroom interacting with vocabulary on a conceptual level.

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