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October 25, 2014
The Power of Academic Discussions for ELLs
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Watch how teachers in Oakland Unified School District build the oral language skills of all students through Socratic Seminars, analyzing complex texts, and talk moves.
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Middle school ELA teacher Viet-ly Nguyen uses a participation protocol to structure student discussions.
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This video of high school ELA teacher Johanna Paraiso and her students shows how far students can grow with discussion protocols.
Sarah's Notes

How can you possibly have a productive conversation in 140 characters?

I get it: The skepticism about having a "real" conversation in phrases, acronyms, abbreviations, and hashtags. Yet as counterintuitive as they may sound, Twitter chats work. They work because they are catalysts, because they introduce ideas for change, because they are constellations of resources. But perhaps more than any other quality, these chats connect teachers in ways that create communities.

I look forward to our #TchLIVE chats knowing I get to hear from new-found colleagues. The real beauty of Twitter chats and #TchLIVE is that you never need an invitation — you're always welcome. If you haven't joined us yet, take a peek at our archived discussion from a recent chat, and then mark your calendar for our next one. (It’s on Nov. 13th. We’re chatting about the book, How We Learn.) As a spectator or as a participant, you will enjoy the collective wisdom of amazing teachers.

Sarah Sarah Sig
Teacher Laureate at Teaching Channel
Tchers’ Voice
Img LeftThis strategy helps all students, but can be critical to language and content development for ELLs. Learn how to get started in your classroom.

Img LeftHear what experts have to say about the research related to using video and online learning to improve teacher practice and lift student achievement.

Img LeftNot everyone loves Halloween (there, we said it). One brave teacher shares why she would happily skip this holiday.
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Q: I am looking for a creative way to teach the Revolutionary War. Any suggestions?
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