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I’m a lover of words. I collect them like other people collect music or artwork. And there’s nothing more beautiful to me than words I don’t know. While some may see multi-language classrooms as a challenge, other teachers see them as an opportunity to not only share a love of literacy, but as a way to enhance a culture of learning. The videos this week highlight amazing teachers who show us how to engage and celebrate ELL students and the classrooms they find themselves in.

Teacher Laureate at Teaching Channel

3 Videos with Teaching Strategies for ELL Classrooms 

Pre-K | ELA | Questioning
Join Ms. Ngan’s young learners as she shows us how to help students develop expressive and receptive literacy skills.
All Grades | All Subjects | Engagement
In this video, Mr. Wolf uses project-based learning as a way to help his ELL students develop scientific content knowledge and language skills.
Grades 9-12 | All Subjects | PBL
Take a look at how the Internationals Network for Public Schools program leverages students’ native language as a bridge to learning.
We had a great Teacher Appreciation Week here at Teaching Channel. We gave away prizes all week long (did you win?!), our office reminisced about our favorite teachers, and we were moved by all the inspiration, fun, and humor we saw in your video comments and on social media. But one week is simply inadequate to express appropriate appreciation. Read what our CEO Pat Wasley has to say about celebrating teachers all-year long.
You know that “teacher look” that freezes kids in their tracks? Blogger Lily Jones wants to direct your attention to the other look — the one that makes a student feel safe to take a big risk, the one that encourages students to persist until they get it. Read more.