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By the end of August, most of us have found our way into the classroom again. Whether you’ve been at it for a few weeks, are just welcoming your students, or are trekking in to get ready for their arrival, classrooms are busy places. And to help us march through these waning summer days... our most popular videos of the month!
Many of you are thinking about analysis and comprehension: the most-watched video in August is Learn to Think: A Foundation for Analysiswhich I hope is helping you start the year with an end in mind. And in the #2 video, Selective Highlighting: Reading with a Purpose, Mrs. Norris shows us a simple strategy for comprehending complex texts.

The most popular search on our site right now is “first day of school.” Here’s a video I love to turn to for some first day inspiration. In this video, Ms. Noonan offers a system of hand signals that can help create a positive learning environment for any classroom.

Communicate Learning with Silent Signals

Read on to see the other videos that made our most-watched list for August. And don’t miss our special back-to-school event in September! Student Achievement Partners, PARCC, and Smarter Balanced — will be answering your specific Common Core questions on Teaching Channel. Click on the link to learn more, and submit your questions on the Core!

Teacher Laureate at Teaching Channel

Top Videos for the Month of August

All Grades  |  Exit Slips
This strategy not only offers a way to build formative assessment into your instruction, it also has a fabulous discussion strand with lots of ways to modify it.
All Grades | Expectations
In this video, watch how Mr. Romagnolo explicitly teaches classroom expectations before students even walk through the door.
All Grades | Classroom Management
Follow Ms. Saul as she walks us through the way she “choreographs” the ongoing transitions of a busy classroom.

With so many resources claiming they can “help you meet CCSS,” it’s tough to discern what you should trust in times of uncertainty and accountability. These five questions will help you navigate all your choices with confidence.