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This Week: New NGSS Videos: From Theory to Practice | Mentoring New Teachers | Planning Engaging Lessons
Learn how quality resources and professional learning help teachers shift their practice.
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A mentor and mentee apply six essential tips for new teacher support.
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Follow these five tips and get inspired to create engaging lesson plans.
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When I think back to what made my first year successful, I contribute my success to two things: mentorship and classroom management. First, I had a collaborative team that helped to keep me afloat. They made sure I was informed about building protocols, gave me advice when I was struggling to meet a student's needs, and helped me approach parental conflict appropriately. Now as a coach, I get to help them learn and grow.

From the start of the year, find a mentor or coach and invite them into your classroom as often as possible for feedback. I hope they'll push you to begin thinking about the structures that impact your classroom. Something as simple as adding music and movement to your transitions will increase engagement and diminish off task behavior. Next, determine how you’ll let your students know when you need their attention. Olga Ramos has her students help create a secret word as their attention signal and Novella Bailey uses a drum to focus students’ attention. Determine what's most comfortable and engaging for your group and use that consistently.

Finally, know that whether it’s your first year or 15th, you’ll continue to have lessons that “go wrong.” Watch an inspiring lesson with Sarah Brown Wessling to see the vulnerability and growth we teachers have in such moments in When a Lesson Goes Wrong. When those moments come, and they will, know that through reflection you will learn and your new perspective will have a substantial impact on your teaching and, ultimately, your students’ success.

Crystal MoreyCrystal
Teacher Laureate at Teaching Channel
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Learn what resources you need, what connections to make, and the types of questions you can ask to get the support you need if your district expects you to be independent and “go it alone.”

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Turn your conference learning into classroom and school-level action. Find out how.

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