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This Week: Building Coaching Relationships | A Student’s Perspective on SEL | How to Survive Co-Teaching
Learn why relationship building is so important in the coaching process.
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Student Daniel McCutchen explores how SEL makes a difference for at-risk students.
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Co-teaching isn’t easy, but a positive approach can lead to a successful partnership.
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No matter where I go, I have a black laptop bag that travels with me. Except that there is rarely a laptop in it. So, why the bag? Inside the back pocket, I have folders that contain messages almost a decade-old. They are letters from students I taught at Dundalk Middle school, encouraging messages from students I taught at New Town High school — memories, in other words, of the great times I’ve had with students over my career. They are the artifacts of the relational imprints I have had on students' lives. The bag stays near to me for the times I need to be reminded of the impact I’ve had on children and the impact they’ve had on me. The bag helps me remember the power of relationships.

Whether in coaching or teaching and mentoring, the social emotional language and connections forged in relationships are the glue that holds everything together. So, as we continue through the summer and head into another school year, do you have a bag that you carry? Perhaps it’s tangible. Maybe it's not. But as we get refueled for the coming school year, let’s remember to keep our bags, the physical or abstract containers that hold our precious memories, with us at all times.

JoshJosh Parker
Teacher Laureate at Teaching Channel
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If we want students to engage in effective civic engagement, they need to master the vocabulary necessary to identify and analyze social problems, plan for action, and reflect on their work.

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Erin Gilrein and Jennifer Wolfe share seven tips for building a successful collaborative partnership.

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