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If August is the month that feels full of light and possibility, then February is the month that tends to feel gray and exhausted. I’m not sure if it’s because the natural rhythm of a classroom can slip into too much routine, or if it’s because I can almost smell spring. Maybe we're all just a little extra tired this time of year. But as soon as I sense this dustiness, I know it’s time for some laughter to jolt us back into a productive, energy-fueled room with joy and connectedness.
This week our videos will remind you just how contagious and important classroom laughter can be. Enjoy these happy students, laugh out loud yourself, and have some fun with your own students on Monday!

Teacher Laureate at Teaching Channel

P.S. February is Q&A Month for coaches! We are very excited to tell you about our new focus on creating resources and support for Coaches. All month long, come and share your coaching dilemmas and difficulties, and help each other with advice and tips.

3 Videos on Fun Classrooms

Grades 9-10 | History| Independence
Teachers Emma Katznelson and Jason David start a serious lesson with a brilliant and hilarious break-up letter to introduce the Declaration of Independence.
Grades K-3 | Math | Counting 
This is one of our most popular videos and it should come with a warning: the catchy singing in Ms. Saul’s class will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day.
Grades 6-7 | Science | Biology
Ms. Seay is infectious! She dons a safari outfit and a faux-Australian accent to teach a lesson on classifying organisms.
Teacher Jane Fung shares simple and fun art projects that give teachers alternate ways of assessing learning, while also helping students be creative, develop their self-confidence and master Common Core standards.
Need some inspiration? Get started by checking out Teaching Channel’s Board. Repin your favorite ideas and pin new ones using the hashtag #teachingchannel in your description!