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April 18, 2015
This Week: Teacher Appreciation Week, Supporting Student Thinking, & Tools for Communicating with Parents
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We’ve compiled a list of 10 imaginative ways to celebrate the extraordinary teachers in your school and district. Grab your scissors, glue sticks, and construction paper, it’s about to get crafty in here!
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Teacher Sherwanda Chism knows that support is essential in her classroom. These three strategies serve as structures to help support her students as they develop their thinking.
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As you watch this video, keep an eye out for the moment when Ms. Chism adjusts her lesson to make sure all of the students have the background information they need to complete the activity.
Sarah's Notes

When I watch 11-year-old Thomas Suarez in his TEDTalk, I am struck by the question: Is he learning because of school, or in spite of it? A tough question, I know. But it's a question that compels me, and one that begs others:

  • Are the questions we ask students authentic and relevant?
  • Am I underestimating what they can accomplish when I let go?
  • How much content learning could actually collapse when students self-direct?
I may not have answers to these inquiries, but I'm pretty convinced these are some of the right questions to be asking. We'll continue getting closer to some truths about teaching and learning when we ask ourselves what we must let go of in order to allow our students to hang onto and construct their own learning.

Enter April's #TchLIVE chat! Join us on April 23rd, at 4pm PST as we think about how teachers can create an "end of the year" with capstone experiences and projects where teachers release responsibility and students learn because of school, not in spite of it.
Sarah Sarah Sig
Teacher Laureate at Teaching Channel
Tchers’ Voice
Img LeftDo you wish you had more time to meet with parents and share learning moments as they happen in the classroom? Find out how these tools can help strengthen communication.

Img LeftIn last month's webinar, 2010 National Teacher of the Year Sarah Brown Wessling, and Brandon Dorman from Fresno Unified School District, discussed the power of video in helping teachers make instructional shifts.

Q&A: Answer These Questions
Q: How can a new teacher promote parent engagement?
Q: How do I establish behavior expectations in the classroom?
Q: What are some strategies for dealing with a group of misbehaving students?
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