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No matter what grade you teach, there’s nothing like a little electric banter to spark a classroom. It’s one way to ignite more passionate response from students and it can help them learn to succinctly articulate their ideas. This week, we’re featuring videos that show how debates and arguments facilitate a deeper understanding of texts. Not to mention, this strategy can help you align lessons to some of the speaking and listening standards in Common Core that we all are working towards.
Teacher Laureate at Teaching Channel

P.S. Tomorrow, I’ll be taking part in NBC’s Education Nation Summit where I, along with eight other teachers, will be teaching a compressed Common Core lesson to a group of nearly 300 teachers. It is my hope that this segment will help put teachers and teaching at the center of this three-day dialogue, and serve as a touchstone for all those convened to consider the landscape of education in this country. Look for these videos on Teaching Channel in the coming week!

3 Videos that Show a Great Debate

Grade 6-8 | ELA | Evidence | CCSS
In this video, you’ll see students exercising both claims and evidence with purpose and passion.
Grades 9-12 | ELA | Debate | CCSSA 
Join Ms. Procter as she shares some helpful scaffolds in preparing students for successful debate.
Grades 9-12 | History | Economics | CCSS
Watch how Ms. Laudin builds debate into the fabric of her Macroeconomics course to help foster lifelong dispositions for contributing to a democratic society.

Middle school math and science teacher Marsha Ratzel shares her year-long plan for helping her students gradually build skills that reinforce hard work, preparation, and practice.
Last week’s newsletter on perseverance resonated with teachers on TeachingChannel.org and on social media – the most watched video and the most popular post on Facebook was "Persistence in Problem Solving."