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November 14, 2015
This Week: Five Strategy Videos to Refresh Your Practice
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Looking for tips on quick new teaching strategies? Then check out these videos that tackle a range of topics, from growth mindset to peer feedback.
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Tch Laureate Crystal Morey faces a dilemma: how to respond when a student shares thinking publicly that demonstrates deep misconceptions.
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Try these easy-to-use strategies to help students stay focused.
Notes from the Tch Laureates

Reflection is critical for my development as an educator. Last year, during an observation, I approached a student and asked him to share his thinking with me. As he explained the reasoning behind his incorrect solution, I began posing questions to probe the depth of his misunderstanding. In a post-observation meeting, it was brought to my attention that by asking too many questions, I may have inadvertently shut down the student’s willingness to verbalize his thoughts. This was evident by his briefer and briefer explanations after each question I posed, as well as through his slumped body language.

Since that moment, I’ve become increasingly aware of how even my best intentions can lead to unintended results. This week, I examine why it’s important to take time to consider before responding to faulty student thinking based on a video coaching session. I reflect on how I’ve shifted from putting a student on the spot to respond immediately, to giving the student — and myself — time to process until we can meet privately. By attending to these details, I’m becoming more aware of the teacher moves I can take to create a safe culture for making mistakes inside the classroom.

Sean Sig
Teaching Channel Laureate
Tchers’ Voice
Img LeftTch Laureate Kristin Gray reflects on her first attempt as a coach to impelement a learning lab.

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Img LeftWhat does courage have to do with academic success? Just about everything, says Ron Berger.

Q&A: Answer These Questions
Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages of diagnostic assessments?
Q: How do you define teacher leadership?
Q: What are some strategies to use with challenging behavior in the classroom?
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