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April 16, 2016
This Week: Assessments As Learning
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In one of our most popular videos, Leah Alcala hands back tests — with no grades. She turns tests into a learning and risk-taking opportunity.
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Brian Sztabnik provides tips on developing assessments as learning and for learning, and not just as a measure of learning.
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This month we focus on small-group instruction in an ELA classroom and also take a look at deep mathematical thinking. Join us!
Notes from the Tch Laureates

This is the time of year when state assessments weigh heavy on the minds of students, parents, and teachers. One thing I do to gear up for these upcoming assessments is to turn to videos and other resources to see how my colleagues around the country are incorporating assessment into their classroom instruction. Highlighting Mistakes: A Grading Strategy and Brian Sztabnik’s post Assessments That Deliver Results, provide excellent examples of thinking about assessments as part of our everyday teaching throughout the year. I know I’ll be sharing these with my colleagues.

SarahTom Jenkins
    Teacher Channel Laureate
Tchers’ Voice
Img LeftIn this popular post, Ron Berger argues that assessment should be viewed as a tool to help students grow.

Img LeftTch Laureate Marion Ivey provides lessons learned from a conversation she had with colleagues about growth mindset. Watch a video of the conversation and tune into the group’s followup!

Q&A: Answer These Questions
Q: How do you get those quieter classes to participate in class discussions?
Q: I teach 8th Grade English — what textbook are you using or what would you recommend?
Q: What are the best formative assessment practices for high school math?
Mark Your Calendar
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Verve and Verse: Unlocking the Power of Poetry

April 21, 4 PM Pacific
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Tch Laureate Marion Ivey debriefs with colleagues on encouraging a growth mindset in their students. They revisit and assess ideas that they’ve implemented this semester, and you're invited to watch live and participate in the conversation via chat.

April 27, 2:30 PM Pacific
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Give and get some #TeacherLove — honor a teacher or mentor who’s been important in your life, professionally or personally. More info to come!

May 2-6
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Join us for Tch TeamsFest! This annual event is a deep dive into using video as an integral part of professional learning.

Palm Springs, CA May 19-20
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