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October 1, 2016
This Week: Democracy In The Digital Age | Digital Citizenship | Real World Math Models
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Are we doing enough to prepare students to meet the challenging issues they will face in society? In this new video, learn how the EDDA Initiative aims to develop students’ commitments and capacities for meaningful civic action in the 21st century.
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We’ve put together a playlist showing how teachers are educating students on a number of different technology-related issues, including security, research, and etiquette.
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Discover how you can tap into real world models to engage your students in understanding and interpreting mathematical relationships.
Notes from the Tch Laureates

A nation founded by the people, for the people, is almost entirely dependent upon a highly educated populace. This idea is much more critical in times when the disconnect between the public and the government seems to be wide and the level of distrust alarming. Yet, hope endures. And the thoughtful guidance of a great teacher is essential. As teachers, we can plant the seeds of democracy by helping students understand how to analyze and take action on a range of issues that affect them now and will continue to impact their lives in the future. Your own students can participate by engaging in Letters To The Next President 2.0.

We have the opportunity to help students decode the world through scholarly adventures that bring them to the world in meaningful ways. Whether it be teaching children about the boundaries and possibilities of using technology or how math relationships repeat themselves in real-world scenarios, the ways we help our students become more conscious and aware of the world they live in is vitally important. Tackling the tough issues with students (in addition to the other demands of teaching) can be exhausting. Take time for yourself to find balance so you can be free to engage deeply with children that are still making sense of an ever-changing world.

Joshua ParkerSean McComb

Teaching Channel Laureate

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A few changes are coming to Tch Video Lounge. Find out more.


Tchers’ Voice
Img LeftCreating work-life balance can be a challenge for teachers. Choose to protect your personal time with four simple strategies from Tch Laureate Crystal Morey.

Img LeftCheck out this list of digital tools that will help students navigate literacy in the digital age, transforming them from passive consumers to active creators.
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