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October 4, 2014
This Week: Talking is Learning
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Get tips and ideas as you watch Esther Wu’s class hold a thoughtful and provocative conversation on the use of the “n-word” in Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn.
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At the 3:30-minute mark, Paige Price shows us how to handle one of the most frightening aspects of a seminar: dead silence!
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For elementary teachers, this video shares strategies that help younger students feel comfortable speaking up in class.
Sarah's Notes

If you're implementing the Common Core, you're probably thinking about ways to make finding textual evidence both purposeful and engaging. Enter the found poem! In this video, see how my students hunt for textual evidence as it relates to a larger concept; then see how they use it to collectively create a unique class poem. More importantly, see how the students take a practiced skill, put it into a new context, mix in a little unpredictability, and get excited in an authentic moment of learning. Enjoy!

Sarah Sarah Sig
Teacher Laureate at Teaching Channel
Tchers’ Voice
Img LeftIt’s time for our Tchers’ Voice Survey. Share your thoughts and you could win a $25 Chalkfly gift card!
Img LeftResearcher Rebecca Greene’s super-popular blog post discusses the key shifts in the Common Core for ELLs, and the opportunities to grow disciplinary knowledge and English language skills.
Img LeftAs we celebrate the 600,000th member to join our site, we'd like to share some fun stats. Want to know how many teachers have appeared in our videos? Check it out!
Q&A: Answer These Questions
Q: What should I consider when I’m observing another classroom?
Q: How can I encourage students to manage their own time in the classroom?
Q: I’ve been trying to get my high school students to do group work, but it isn’t going well. The students are refusing to do the work. Help?!
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