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I hope this finds you enjoying the extended weekend, breathing deeply, and appreciating friends and family. Here at Teaching Channel, it’s easy to remember who we need to thank: YOU, the teachers and educators who continue to give so much so that others may learn. As you’re enjoying leftovers, holiday shopping, or just a little time to indulge in whatever brings you back to center, we have a couple of videos to inspire and celebrate all the work you do:

“Miracle Workers” is one of my favorite Taylor Mali poems. It always hits the right notes as he reminds us of what classroom miracles look like.
Once you’ve enjoyed Taylor’s poem, take a few minutes and listen to veteran teacher Mr. Rutherford in this inspiring video, “My Best Advice (After 34 Years of Teaching).”
And don’t miss this heartwarming piece about the importance of engaging fathers at school. Written by Kevin Bennett, a remarkable principal who blogs for us, it's an insightful look at the relationship between families and learning – and he’ll make you think a little more carefully about this home-school connection. 
And if this isn’t enough to get you ready for Monday, scroll down for the most popular videos of November! 
Teacher Laureate at Teaching Channel

P.S. Teaching Channel is joining #GivingTuesday, a national day of giving on December 3. Consider supporting a non-profit organization that gives back to the community – like us! (And don't miss our special gift to donors who give $50 or more.) 

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Watch how Ms. Hawkins begins her pre-K class by having students identify and share their feelings each morning. This video features younger students, but the idea can be used in any classroom, in any grade, to help create a positive classroom culture.
“My goal was simple but felt daunting: I wanted my students to have rich, authentic reading and writing lives," writes English teacher Meenoo Rami. Get her tips on how to engage, inspire, and build a love for reading.