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Even though the early days of a school year bring with it an energy and excitement that can be absolutely contagious, it can also be tiring. I always call it "getting back into school shape" and it means that my body, my voice, my mind, and my sense of humor all need to wake up to those familiar roles. And nothing wakes me up more than the inspiration of seeing remarkable teachers at work!

First, let me introduce Jeff Charbonneau, the 2013 National Teacher of the Year. Let him remind us what happens when we put kids first. The way he builds relationships and learns with his students brings responsiveness and impact to his lessons!

He says, “When you get up in the morning, and you have the opportunity to go out and make a difference, make a difference with my own kids, make a difference with other people’s kids, make a difference with other staff members, what a great day.”

Even if your time is sparse this week, give yourself just a moment for some much-deserved inspiration!

Teacher Laureate at Teaching Channel

P.S. You can still vote for your favorite classroom setups in our Show Off Your Classroom Photo Contest. Winners are announced on August 26!

Three Inspiring Videos on Why We Teach

All Grades  |  Passion
If you need a little shot of "passion" meet Marlo Warburton and hear how she creates a positive learning environment for her students.
All Grades | Passion
I have a soft-spot for this video from 34-year veteran, Stephen Rutherford. His "best advice" always reminds me why we teach.
All Grades
And there's Theresa Tse, whose gentleness is sure to remind you why our work is more than a job.

The first few weeks of school can set the tone for the entire year. Tch’s Lily Jones shares five simple techniques that offer great payoffs throughout the school year. These strategies will increase your efficiency while creating a positive classroom environment.
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September is Common Core Q&A Month!
Throughout September, Teaching Channel is bringing together top experts on the CCSS – Student Achievement Partners, PARCC, and Smarter Balanced – to answer your questions. Learn more!