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If you think teaching is a big job, spread the word...


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Hi Member,
Because of you and all our Tch members, we're proud to say we've already had visitors from all 50 states and quite a few countries.  Thank you for supporting us and spreading the word.  I know many of you are already on summer vacation (woohoo!) and the rest are powering through the last hectic week or so of school, so just a few quick updates for you:
  • Watch "Teach Is a Big Word" - if you think teaching is a big job, spread the word by sharing this video with your friends and colleagues
  • Not too late to get that Tch tote bag or earn a $10 gift card for DonorsChoose.org (more info here)
  • Have tons of ideas for Teaching Channel?  Join our Education Advisory Board (see below)
As always if you have ideas or constructive criticisms for our site or films, send 'em my way!  Read on to see what's new on the site this week.

New Videos

Project Earth Game
Teach students about environmental impact using a "Project Earth Game"

See a lab that illuminates the concept of density for students

See a 5 minute synopsis on a unit that teaches students about pH and the impact of water quality

New Feature

Get Collaborative!
Check out your workspace!
We've added two new tools:
  • Click the plus under any teacher's pic to see what practices they like
  • See your "Activity Feed" to check in on your favorite teachers and to see how folks are responding to you
Let us know what you think!  What other collaborative features should we add?

We Need You

Join our Ed Ad Board
We are seeking current
K-12 classroom teachers for our Education Advisory Board 
to participate in discussions on future tools for our web site and films.

If you're interested, please reply with the answers to the following 3 questions:
1.  What are your accomplishments and areas for growth as an educator?
2.  How can Teaching Channel best support teachers?
3.  What does it take to become an effective educator?
 Deadline July 1, 2011
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