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 “Everybody who makes something really, really wonderful gets there through a process.”  Those are the words of Ben Chun, an amazing high school teacher at Galileo Academy of Science and Technology in San Francisco.
For Ben and his students the key part of that “process” is learning in teams. And, this week, all three of our videos focus on the benefits of group learning.
First, I should also note that Ben and his class are featured in the first installment of our new video series "Tech2Learn." Teaching Channel has teamed up with Edutopia for six videos about teaching technology in the classroom. 
Director of Educational Programming
Our first Tech2Learn video features high school students creating an educational video game for 5th graders who they meet and interview.
Teacher Emma Katznelson says anytime students are “helping construct their own knowledge, the more engaged they are going to be.” 
Teacher Lisa Bologna believes “children do very well learning from each other, sometimes better than from the teacher.”
We've had a great time celebrating teachers all week long for Teacher Appreciation Week.  In case you missed it, here is a complete list of the teachers who won our thank you gifts.  Enjoy!
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